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María de la Luz, a light-skinned Latinx woman with long brown hair, looks at the camera with a smile as she crouches in front of a snowy mountain scene.

María de la Luz (Luli) Lobos Martínez, she/her/hers

Project Lead, Designer and Researcher 

Luli is the Mobility and Environmental Systems Analyst at LivableStreets. Under the Emerald Network program's umbrella, she works on creating new links for the network, keeping existing greenways working appropriately, actively engaging community members, and addressing the environmental justice role of the network. She also oversees the progress along Columbia Road while leading our Gender and Mobility Initiative. When she finds some free time, she does data analysis for LivableStreets Go Boston 2030 program.


Luli is originally from Chile and uses her bilingual capacity to enable equitable communication every time she can. She bikes and walks all around the Metro Boston area, and, in her recreation time, you can find her walking her cats on the streets of Camberville.


She has an Architecture degree from the Universidad de Chile and a Master's in Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design. She is a designer who focuses on creating spaces that assure people's quality of life while helping the environment thrive—Luli advocates for social equity, ecological resilience, and gender justice in the design of the streets.


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