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Help us to understand the relationship between gender and mobility

Volunteer and contribute to research about gender-inclusive streets

Share your experience of the street!

Volunteer for research below

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This survey will ask you questions about your experience of mobility and streets from a gendered perspective. 


This is a space for you to share your experiences while moving around your neighborhood. You can respond multiple times for specific locations.

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Street Ambassadors

Look for our community partners (wearing orange t-shirts), who will be asking questions in the street.

Survey also available in Simplified Chinese, Cape Verdean Creole, and Spanish. See below:

Map also available in Spanish.

See below:

Do you have questions or concerns?

For questions or concerns about the research study or procedures, or if you need to notify someone of a complaint, please contact the Tufts research team.

PI Contact Info:

Dr. Rebecca Marie Shakespeare

Tufts University

Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning


If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant, or if you would like to discuss the study with someone outside of the research team, contact the Tufts SBER IRB.

Tufts SBER IRB Contact Info:

Tufts University

Social Behavioral & Educational Research

Institutional Review Board (SBER IRB)

75 Kneeland Street, 6th Floor  |  Boston, MA 02111

Telephone: 617-627-8804



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