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Abstract Background

Help us to understand the relationship between gender and mobility

Volunteer and contribute to advocacy efforts about gender-inclusive streets

Share your experience of the street!

Tell us about your everyday life along Columbia Road and/or other Boston areas and advocate for gender-inclusive streets by using the following tools.

Copying Down

This survey will ask you questions about your experience of mobility and streets from a gendered perspective. 

Writing a Sticky Note

Here you can comment about your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and anything related to your gendered experiences in the street.

What will we do with the data?

Help us to compile guidelines to address gender components of mobility in planning

We expect that the collected disaggregated data will allow us to understand if/when there are correlations between gender and mobility experiences and provide input to help decision-makers improve mobility options for all.

Any information that you provide to us will remain anonymous to the public and will only be available to the LivableStreets staff; when specified, information will be only managed by the project lead and main researcher. Your email address will be kept separate from any information you submit; we will only use your contact information if you win a gift card or agree to answer follow-up questions to any of our surveys.

Some of the engagement tools and activities that are part of the Gender and Mobility Initiative will have additional layers of privacy, so please make sure to read the terms and conditions on each of them so you know what to expect.

When we finish the project, we will publish the results and some of the data analysis. This will only refer to general findings and won’t include any personally identifiable information.

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