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An Asian-American woman with short black hair styled in a bob tilts her head slightly to the camera's right as she smiles at the camera. She is wearing a cream linen blazer over a white shirt, and stands in front of a backlit curtain.

Gloria Huangpu,


Research Assistant, Tufts UEP student

Gloria is a master's student in Tufts' Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. She is interested in ensuring community voices that have historically been left out of urban planning systems and processes are lifted up today and in the future. This interest led her to join the Gendered Mobility project team. The project aligns with her experience on the Cambridge Bicycle Committee, where she has worked on projects to engage cyclists across the city. Prior to grad school, Gloria researched human resources (HR) best practices and advised HR executives on topics like workforce reskilling, leadership development, and HR technology. Gloria has an undergraduate degree in History of Art and enjoys walking tours of public art and architecture.


"In the wake of rising anti-Asian violence that has occurred on public streets in the last year, designing streetscapes that provide safety and comfort to people with any gender or racial identity has renewed importance to me."

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