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About Us

We are a multidisciplinary group of cisgender women working to include gendered perspectives in urban planning processes, especially by analyzing how gender identities frame how we move through the city.

While we know every person's mobility experience is different, we recognize that urban planning and design decisions have been made with a (non-existent) neutral person in mind. However, every person’s mobility experience is unique.

As a team of advocates, academics, and community leaders who want to create equitable and welcoming streets, we understand that people ⎼ including all of their multiple identities ⎼ need to be at the center of the conversation. We hope to address the mobility challenges that arise for individuals with various gender and other intersectional identities.

We should all be able to move easily throughout our neighborhoods.

Meet the Team

Research Assistant


I love getting to know cities by walking and biking around them and I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable doing so!


Project Lead (CO-PI)


I believe in the right to be unapologetically yourself. I want people to feel free and comfortable to move wherever and whenever they need, regardless of their identities and bodies.



Shakespeare, PhD

Main Researcher (PI)


Urban spaces should be inclusive of all people - regardless of identity, mobility, gender, sex, age, and race. Comfort should be the rule, not the exception.


Kristiana Lachiusa

Engagement Strategist



Ambar Johnson

Transportation Advocate



Denise Roman

Residents organizer


Thanks to Our Sponsors

As part of their Design Grants 2020 “Shared Futures: Charting a Course for Action,” Sasaki Foundation is supporting us to address women's and gender-expansive people's needs in the redevelopment process of the Columbia Road corridor in Boston.


As part of their Community Research Center Awards 2020-21, the Tisch College Community Research Center (TCRC) is helping us to broaden the use of disaggregated gender data for infrastructure policymaking.

Our Organizations

Our project originated within LivableStreets Alliance, a non-profit organization that advocates for practical, people-centered transportation systems in Metro Boston that can dismantle invisible barriers that divide neighborhoods, communities, and people.


Dorchester Bay EDC is a Corporation that works collaboratively with residents and businesses to bring about long-lasting positive change to Dorchester communities. Dorchester Bay EDC and LivableStreets have been long-time partners working to build community through organizing, civic engagement, and leadership development at Columbia Road.

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